We’re also thinking about what you’re going through

When OBBG started it was a dream of our co-founder, Elizabeth Toohig, to be able to give all breast cancer surgical patients a ‘welcome pack’, which would provide a leaflet about OBBG along with other useful information, and also include a hand sewn heart-shaped cushion. These cushions were initially made by Elizabeth herself, and could be used after surgery to provide comfort, either around the breast or under the arm after lymph node clearance.

Since we sadly lost Elizabeth in 2018, her legacy continues through the hard work of OBBG’s Members’ Committee and their Chair, Natasha. Through them, and with the help of members who continue to hand-sew the cushions, our ‘Post-op recovery bag’ has evolved which, along with the cushion and useful information now contains items such as lip balm, Loveheart Sweets and a Vita magazine.

Natasha herself had been given a gift bag of treats by a friend after her surgery, and was so touched that she became driven to provide similar bags to let patients know that there was someone out there who understood what they might be going through, and that OBBG was thinking about them and wishing them well.

Elizabeth would have been delighted by how far her dream has come to fruition, and by the work of Natasha, the Members’ Committee and the members themselves who generously give their time to sew the cushions.

OBBG supplies its post-op recovery bags to breast cancer patients at The Manor and The Churchill.

If you wish to help sew up some heart shaped cushions, please drop us an email.

For more information about what we offer and group membership, please contact us

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