I joined OBBG in February 2017 shortly after the diagnosis of my cancer and subsequent surgeries. My immediate treatment, (surgery, reconstruction, radiotherapy) was all over in a matter of six months and at the end of this period the come down from a whirlwind of appointments and active treatment was quite an adjustment. Being a full time carer to my husband who has MS also contributed to the feeling that life was just carrying on as normal and I had to jump right back into our routine, which when you are a carer can feel relentless.

I have for a long time had an interest in complimentary therapies and during my radiotherapy was lucky to enjoy weekly reflexology sessions alongside my treatment at Genesis Care. Later when I attended the “Where Now” course at Maggie’s I also embraced a yoga and relaxation habit and now still enjoy and look forward to my stretch and relaxation time. The routine immediately takes me back to that lovely relaxing building where I felt safe and supported by the people there who really understood what life after treatment was like.

So when I won the raffle prize of a treatment with Helen after her talk, (I never win raffles!) I was really curious and interested to see what Reiki was all about. I was completely new to the technique, a little unsure about what I would have to do and if I am honest not quite sure if it would be for me. However if cancer has taught me anything it is about looking for the silver linings and also just giving things a go.

I immediately felt that I could trust Helen and felt very comfortable during the session. Having shared my cancer history the treatment started and lying on the couch, with the sun coming through the window and Helen working through her treatment I felt a profound sense of relaxation. It is really hard to explain but I also felt that both halves of my body had been connected up and I was whole again. I left feeling relaxed, cared for and so much calmer.

So if you are looking for a little space to relax, or heal and repair why not give Reiki a go?

And my silver lining? Helen has given me the confidence to learn a new skill and train in something new that I know I will love. I am going to be a reflexologist.