I am passionate about well-being and complementary health.  Looking after ourselves is first and foremost before we can be anything to anybody or anything else.  I am trained to Practitioner level in the Usui Reiki Ryoho system of Reiki healing and can trace the lineage for my training back to the founder Dr. Mikao Usui (1865–1926).

Reiki Healing is a gentle, yet powerful, hands-on Japanese natural healing energy technique used primarily for stress reduction and relaxation.  It is good for helping restore balance and harmony in a person and reinforce the body’s natural ability to heal itself at mental and emotional levels. It is an ideal complementary therapy if you are feeling depleted, stressed, have anxiety, struggling with sleep, recovering after surgery or just to give yourself a boost to add to your overall well-being.  As it is a natural healing technique it can safely complement medical or psychological treatment being undertaken and is an ideal complementary therapy to safely be part of an “integrative” approach to healthcare.

I first had a Reiki treatment several years ago whilst going through a difficult time in my life, someone had suggested it might help me, I thought why not give it a go.  I was taken with it straight away, how gentle yet powerful it was and had the best night’s sleep that night!  It really did give me a boost and helped me emotionally.  My interest was sparked and in time I decided to train to level 1, subsequently enjoying doing treatments for friends as a hobby alongside a very busy corporate job.  My husband and I then re-located abroad for several years with his work.  I took this opportunity to make a change in life and trained to Practitioner level setting up my own small practice.  It was fulfilling to see how clients with various problems, or not, came with curiosity and an open mind, enjoyed receiving a treatment and then hearing about the physical and emotional benefits they had got from it.  Particularly those who had undertaken a series of treatments and really built on the benefits of the treatment to help themselves or just to enjoy some “me time”.  Not always so easy in today’s fast paced world we live in!

Having the opportunity to do a talk on Reiki Healing to the OBBG at The Manor hospital in February was a rewarding and special experience, not just being back up in front of a group of people for the first time in a number of years since leaving my corporate job; more so that it was an opportunity to share what Reiki is and the many benefits of it to a special and diverse group of women.  Looking after and optimising our immune system is important for everyone in life, for people who have had a disease such as cancer it is key.

On the day of the talk to the OBBG, Natasha won the raffle prize of a free Reiki treatment.  She rang to book an appointment the following week.  Complementary therapy wasn’t new to her and she was curious to try Reiki, something new to her…….and so she did, embracing and settling into the treatment very quickly.  We had a de-brief following the treatment of what she had experienced during it and how she was feeling immediately afterwards.  She left relaxed and ready to enjoy the rest of her day.

Helen Dickinson-Barlow, Reiki Practitioner